A chook in heaven


just lost a chicken to a snake bite, bummer.
of all things a baby eastern brown and i am pretty sure got residue on me .
takes about an hour , i heard the poor chook convulsing, but it has gone to a better place that is for sure.
over and out from australia.
take care


Two bird stories in two days - Sorry.


High and low story’s too.
Sorry about your chicken Darksith :chicken::cry:


i’ve heard those eastern browns are VERY dangerous…be careful!



Sorry about your chicken. Poor thing. I hope your OK.


thank you for your replies, i wrote the above in respect for the chook, the chinese say that if you remember a persons name (or chook !) that they live on forever.
she was named after the artist ’ Matisse '.
take care
still looking for the baby snake nest…


Eastern brown must be a mean one, we have the western diamondback over here in Arizona.


the eastern browns are very aggressive and will chase you, we have a red belly black snake which we let come into the garden and it is quite docile , they don’t have the best eye sight.
i like snakes they are very beautiful except when they kill our chickens !.
take care


Poor chickens, poor snakes, poor people.


At times I feel very rich.


do you kill the brown snakes when you find them? as they are very dangerous…

be very careful… wear long pants and boots…

i heard it is hotter than hell over there right now…



if the brown snakes come into the garden and stay we have to kill them , if they bite you will be dead in an hour or less .
i live on top of a mountain range so the temperature is good but down on the plains, where i used to live, it is up past the 40 degrees.
take care


I am sorry to here of your loss. When I was a kid, I had pet chickens and I loved them.


to beautiful chordy,
thanks for the reply, yes all our chickens have names they are really cute little beings !
take care


RIP little chicken. :sunny: