Adventures with nature

My boss used to tie a piece of fat to a string. Then he would feed it to a duck. The ducks digestive system could not handle it so it came right out the other end. Then with the fat still on the string he would feed it to another duck with the same result as the first one.He kept doing this until he had 6 or 7 ducks on one string in a line and he would lead them around the park all connected together!

Believe it or not? That borders on cruelty to animals. We had a cat who started eating a ball of string and didn’t stop. We kept cutting it off as it came out the other end.

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That is downright cruel and ignorant :cry:

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I’m in the parks all the time so I get plenty adventures with nature. Yesterday we were doing some trail maintenance by our sea wall and as I was ripping out some ivy, a Canadian Goose charged me. I can not believe this goose was so aggressive. Every time I tried to jump down and get my tools the angry goose came back.

Eventually after walking along the top of the wall, we came to discover there was a little clearing full of baby goslings. We used extension poles to get the tools, marked off the area and left all in peace.

I had no idea I could jump that high. I’m really not a runner. But hey, with the right motivation… So if I can get an angry goose to chase me… I can become an ace runner maybe… :wink:


try and smile at everyone you pass during the day and give them a lollipop actually the lollipop thing might be freaky.

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No. That’s awful! What happened to respect…

When I was growing up my dad raised chickens, ducks, geese and a roaster. Lots of days after school I would have to wait for my mom or dad to get close to the house. Not very friendly lol Only my dad could pick up the roaster, Old Joe. He pecked a hole in my leg once. But seeing and holding the baby chicks, made it worth it :wink:

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Wild animals are VERY protective of their young. I found that out when I started to get between a bear and her cubs. She was at the roadside and the cubs were in the woods unseen. I found out I can move fast if I need to.

When I was in 5th grade, my teacher brought in a bunch of baby chicks from her farm. And created a project where the students would take them home and raise them.

I took 3 home. They were so cute!

Things went great for a few months, as they grew up. But all of a sudden, one died. Then, a few weeks later, another died. We figured out that the remaining rooster had killed them.

And as he grew up, he became extremely aggressive. He would wait on the front porch for us to come home from school and he would ATTACK us! Bite us, scratch us, chase us. He was insane. The only person who could handle him was my dad.

Then he started attacking my dad too!
So we had to return him back to the teacher’s farm. Where he eventually became dinner lol.

No more chickens or roosters for me!