A Case of Hyper Sexuality Probably Associated with Clozapine



I appreciate your concern regarding published papers, but most of the times you only published the abstract. I know it’s not your fault since u don’t have an account that could read the full article.
I had to read some articles as well and I can tell you that although there are some referees, some of them are really bad and doesn’t picture reality as it is.

In my case I was “hyper sexualized” before meds and I blame sza, not the meds. In my experience the meds helped me a lot get trough with the sex thing and I had healthier relationships. Without me wanting more and more sex, just meaningful sex :confused:

I’m not saying to quit posting articles, I’m saying that because it’s published doesn’t mean it’s truth. You need a critical mind and ask how they come to this results and how they were lead to those answers. Without the full article u can’t judge those results…