A blurb about (you guessed it) : schizophrenia

My first two years of schizophrenia were spent fighting to stay sane. I remember in 1980 being in a group home and sitting for months in the backyard by myself in an old dirty chair just fighting, fighting, fighting. But I was out in public a lot walking downtown or catching the bus to my parents house or going places.

After three years I got a job and I have been working fairly steadily ever since. My first 15 years of paranoid schizophrenia I did not exhibit many symptoms. The symptoms were all there in force but no one could tell.

I’m 56 now and I realized a few years ago that what I was doing in my first two years of illness was practicing and teaching myself how to control my mind and my symptoms. Self-control, basically and it paid off for many, many years.


That’s a great post, @77nick77. It’s so important to come to terms with what sz means and to work toward functioning within its parameters. Improving over time so that you get as much out of life as you can.
You’re an inspiration.


Thanks @Hedgehog.

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Great post as always my friend.

This should be pinned for all newcomers to read. Your story is my inspiration.


You fought and you won…

Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Thanks @zeno

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