A Beautiful Mind has left this earth

Just read that John Nash and his wife were killed in car accident.

His inspirational story will live on.


whoa! hadn’t heard that. sad!

I saw the movie. I didn’t see what was so beautiful about his mind? He was bright, right? Is that beautiful?



Thanks, you got me thinking.

I was mainly making the connection that he inspired the movie.

I saw the movie before my active psychosis, when I was somewhat normal before I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and from that perspective I saw his mind as beautiful in that despite his terrible suffering, he still fought to make use of his giftedness. So the beauty was in the triumph of the human spirit in adversity.

Then my psychotic break came and I know how “unbeautiful” having this illness is. I know I am one of the fortunate ones whose nonstop hallucinations were helped by medications and so I am able to see some hope in my situation whereas others suffer continuously. So my comment was based on my optimistic viewpoint and hope it was not painful to those in much worse suffering.


John Nash was given the nobel peace prize for his contribution to mathematics. He was delusional in the movie while he found his matematical material and I think that was key in his figuring out what he did in math. That in itself is beautiful. Also I agree with bluebird about him overcoming his illness his way. I am saddened greatly that he was killed but at least him and his wife died together. I’m kind of a romantic.


i like the film, thought it was good to show that even smart people can become delusional and suffer with this sh*t but can still succeed in life.

the film is on youtube for people that want to see it:

Thats horrible, i despise car accidents.

Nash spoke of aliens and made an entire subset of mathematics that is useful in knowing future events. Hmmmmm.

I also learned about their death on headline news. It is a terrible death to die in a car accident. I enjoyed the movie very much.

Time for new people to follow his path. He lived a good life and inspired many, myself included.


“I was a long way into mental illness before I heard any voices. Ultimately I realised I am generating these voices in my own mind: this is dreaming, this is not communication. This is coming from an internal source, not from the cosmos. And simply to understand that is to escape from the thing in principle. After understanding that, the voices died out.” - JN



what maths problem did he solve? game theory?

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Peace Be Unto You .


Thanks for sharing this quote.

I like Nash’s original idea thinking, he may be the best example how one human can change the whole way how the world viewed economic theories. I also like his equilibrium point, Nash’s point. More people like him should exist. Makes me sad to hear that he died in a car accident.

It is interesting that in the movie his delusion of working for the CIA is so candidly portrayed. I think the movie A Beautiful Mind, was an accurate depiction of Nash’s heroism in his times. I read the book, it is a good biography although I wish John Nash had written one himself. The author of the novel who I think also had the movie rights, ended the movie with Nash accepting the prescribed medications for fear of backlash as well as fuel for people to stop taking their medications based on the movie and the fact that John Nash recovered without medication after he was forced Insulin Shock Treatment etc. but despite that, he was able to recover from schizophrenia, that is a hope that was missed in as much as two brilliant beautiful people are missed.


I watched the movie a few weeks ago at home on a DVD. I forget what it was like. I think I thought the role was clumsily played. Wrong title. If anyone can find it, I would like to see the accident report. I have stopped driving in New Jersey because the speeding traffic scares me. I’m only 73. I’ve moved to Maryland to get away from there.

If you want to know the truth about John Nash’s life read the book “A Beautiful Mind”…It’s a bit of effort to get through it but you will come out with a much truer story than the one Hollywood dreamed up. John Nash was never “cured”…he continued to struggle with the voices and delusions, however he recognized them for what they are and basically learned to ignore them.
He was a brilliant mind. And the answer to an equation is described as “elegant” or “beautiful” and I believe that’s why the book is so titled.
He will be greatly missed as a source of inspiration for anyone in pursuit of a dream despite mental illness.


Did you read the book? I haven’t yet.