61 and on top of my game

I feel like I have planed out in the success department and am very happy with my life right now…happily married, roof over my head…I’m good…for my age I look in my forties, which cheers me up immensely. lost all my weight, good health…can’t complain really…


I had a good day: I did my music, exercised, cleaned, and read. Now I have insomnia. People tell me I look young too but I think I have a Peter pan complex.


■■■■ man, I’m gonna be 59 on June 3, but hells I sure don’t feel like it. It doesn’t matter to me, I do what I do and nothing bothers me. I ate “plant based” food the other day, and it was awesome!! Who knew? Anyway regardless of my “advancing,” age, it’s all ■■■■■■■■ coz I can play my guitar, I can record on my 4track, I can make actual music whenever I want. There’s no limitations to what I what I want to do.


@iconoclast_01 man, you sound positive…!! that’s pretty much how I feel too.


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