6 months clean and sober

I had six drinks of rum on May 31st and smoked a joint the following day. I just hope being clean and sober for 6 months and slipping a little bit doesn’t set me all the way back to 6 months ago when I first quit weed and alcohol


Keep the hope you can do eeeet. I was a habitual pot smoker for ages and then quit. I still -think- about it sometimes but I don’t get urges or act on it
as someone who knows what it’s like to be addicted to things and go sober from them too I wish you all the best and don’t give up hope… the pot shouldn’t be an issue it’s not really addictive just our thought processes saying oh its OK or oh I want to but the need is not there.
Alcohol is really the harder of the two because it’s legal to drink. But being sz or having any mental illness and drinking don’t really mix.

Congratulations on the 6 months. It’s hard work…

Keep working on resisting temptation… I’ve been clean and sober for 6 years now… and I still crave a few things… I still once in a while think about grabbing a bottle when things get over my head…

Good luck and stay strong… hope it will all work out for you.

I had a bad crack addiction for four years and I also drank. I got clean in 1990 and I’ve never had a “slip”. You had a “slip”. Now you are sober again. Just go from there and resist the urges and try not to “slip” again. All you can is to keep going forward from your mistake and learn from it don’t repeat it. Don’t give up and don’t get too discouraged that you “used”. Today is a new day and a new start in your recovery. One of the things that has helped me stay clean is to avoid people who are using drugs and alcohol and to avoid places where alcohol and drugs are being used.