6/3 lunch break sketch

Please enjoy

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I like the angle you drew it on the paper - at a slant. Very interesting!

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@mortimermouse Lunch break sketch for you since you have missed them.

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you are lost in complexity and darkness of mind, clear it and ■■■■ the dark side, sorry for being aggressive.

I think I have managed to interpret that 27 different ways and I am not more certain which one you likely mean.

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Love it! I always look forward to your art. I think it adds some perspective and culture to the forum.

I’ll be following you on tumblr!




Not bad…

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sorry Sasha, I don’t want to be bold but though you are an gifted artist, I think you make yourself more psychotic by such drawings, this is what I worry about.

I think it’s positive you draw… enjoy what yo do =)… how can this kind of thing make psychotic?

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I find it to be shallow and pedantic - peter griffin

How long does it take you to draw that, i would need several lunch breaks to do that.

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Very good, looks great

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About 15 to 30 minuets on average.

You have it backwards, the drawings come from psychosis, in many ways they are helping me get these images out of my head.

I mean I see things over and over and when I sit to draw I call upon these memories and put them on paper, out of my head.

I don’t just come up with things, draw them, then hallucinate them. If that were the case I would be drawing happy things. Would be nice to have that level of control over my illness. But then again that is the thing about Sz I suppose, not having control over what and when we hallucinate.