Lunch Break Sketch (Drawing)

Please enjoy.


wow, you are a really talented artist…I wish you could draw happier stuff, but I know that drawing is a vent for feelings and you’re really down…excellent work though !!

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@jukebox Thank you kindly. I am pleased you enjoy it.

I have some more happier stuff here:

Tumblr: Click Here
Instagram: Click Here

well, the tumblr link was totally upsetting, but I thought the artwork was very good…didn’t need to see the picture of your cutting though…I feel really sad for you…

Crap sorry I forgot to remove that.

Hang tough Sasha XXXX

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I always enjoy your magnificent artwork @sasha - a little dark, but very cool and interesting
I saw your other pictures - Ouch! your arm! Please take care of yourself sasha - give the meds a chance, dont give up


I wish I could draw that good, I suck at artistic things like that. I can express myself more so with words better than I can with paintings and drawings. You are talented.

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@sohare1981 thank you kindly. It just takes practice, I am still learning. I am pleased that you enjoy my art.