5/1 lunch break sketch


I was having a really bad day yesterday, not much has improved today. I normally do a lunch break sketch every day I get a lunch break at work, but lately I have not had the inspiration to put pen to paper. Yesterday was influenced by the psychosis I have been suffering lately.

I hope you enjoy this piece. To me the aliens symbolize how the voices feel foreign, their different facial expressions are representative of the moods of the voices. Feeling surrounded, overwhelmed, trapped and unable to escape.

wow that is so good! it really portrays voices and intrusive thoughts so well! I like to say an alien put the thoughts there, now here they are on 2D! Eyes and all, looking into the depths of your mind.

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It appears some of the 'aliens" in the front are wearing masks. Did you draw that in there deliberately? I was thinking maybe along the lines “This is what they appear to be, but there is something else behind the mask…”

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@e_lunaseer As always art is up to the interpretation of the viewer. I wanted to convey that they were not of this world, or not real… that they were tormenting, scary, with a range of emotions and foreign. They are to describe the hallucinations I have. What i actually see, hear, touch, smell and taste are not alien like these, and look nothing alike. But for those people who don’t have Sz i think the aliens convey my point more clearly. If i drew what i actually see i think many people would dismiss it as a horror picture and pay it less mind. My message would be lost.

Makes sense…:slight_smile:

have you ever drawn what you actually see? I have occasionally drawn things I’ve seen. maybe I’ll post them sometime.

I have. I haven’t posted them though.

I can’t focus on drawing anything today… the only thing I am thinking about is cutting. I keep staring at objects around me and having to convince myself that I will get an infection, or it would be too noticeable, or it wouldn’t cut easily enough.

Try and take your mind off cutting and think of something else.

I’m going to make a topic with some drawings/pictures of my visions…“hallucinations”…things that are out of the ordinary


The alien was my first hallucination.

Someone began to mess with me head, it became flooded with horrible things and then a few moments later i saw him. They tormented me for about a month, almost no sleep at all, they even told me they would torture me forever, and at one point they said my family would be harmed and it was my fault because i had done nothing about it, and when i thought hey maybe i should tell someone to get help they would instantly go “you better shut the ■■■■ up about us, or we’ll ■■■■■■■ hurt you!”

A grey they call him.

A short time after it began i smelled sulfur also, they talk about that sometimes, sulfur.

That’s because the things are demons, not extraterrestrials. I’m not saying i don’t believe there is other life in the universe…I do. But these greys pop up everywhere and often they torture and torment people. occasionally i have heard people say their encounters are nice, but thats a much rarer phenomenon.
Then there’s the 'alien" thats created by holograms that will mimic the aliens from the demonic realm.