5hrs 30 mins work on radio today

I have been working away all night like a machine lol

it has never taken this long before but its going to be really good quality when i finish I hope :slight_smile:

The new equipment should make it easier its just editing that’s hard


Good that you can focus on work.

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It was a lot of work, I had the Interview today with the woman (About 40mins) and it was a bit mixed up so i had a lot of editing to do, after the Interview i went for a nice walk and took some nice snaps with my camera,
Tonight i was pooped and had a lie done for an hour then i powered through the edit, I still have a lot of work to do, i need to add Jingles, Ads, fundraisers, music and tie it all together. i enjoy it but i overdid it tonight :frowning: i feel pretty exhausted.

That’s really good. You have passion. It’s going to turn into something.

If you can manage 7 hours a day every day, it can get really competitive. 50 hours a week is all you really need at a business to make it top-tier, I heard.

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I cant do much, i do what i can, i reckon i do about 30hrs a month on radio,

I have my other stuff as well, i’m working on a slide show called ‘wish you were here’ and its for my clubhouse i wanted to do it to help members deal with isolation by taking them on a journey to popular tourist destinations its a lot of research and editing,

My other thing is the magazine i am working on for the clubhouse :slight_smile:

Don’t dilute your limited energy. I’d strongly suggest going full bore into the one thing you like most. Other things are just afterthoughts.

Otherwise you’re super spread out and it just fizzles.

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I know what you mean, i think time and stress are my two biggest enemies :frowning: this forum is a lot of work as well.

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I did another 4 hours tonight, its all recorded together now and all i need to do is a final edit of the whole 2 hr show and it’ll be good to go
I cant remember ever puting this amount of effort into a show before or maybe i am imagining that lol,

Still have a website to build :frowning:

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Man I just did 4hrs editing 6 pages on canva for my clubhouse newsletter phew… really hope i can get through all of this work without burnout, feels like i am under a lot/some pressure ‘I’m not totally overwhelmed’ just teetering on the edge, if i get anymore to do i will not cope well.

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