5 years from now....?

What would you accomplish in the next five years?

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The same as 5 years before 10 years from now.

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I was hoping for positive answers. I guess.

A good health …!!! positive set of mind …!!!

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I will have washed dishes many times.

I try to live life day by day but I will be brave and say I hope to be back to work.

I am not sure… I do not see a future anymore.

I am trying to live day to day and just be happy.
This year at least - some minor goals

  • start freelancing as a make up artist
  • do a lot more collaboration if I can
  • exercise - quit smoking - lose 15 pounds
  • Find the right medication (the most important)
  • Save money
  • Talk with my family more

I am on the way …!!!

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maintain my health
stay alive
continue exercising


I am doing very well on Ability Injection. Just worked little bit because it is too good.

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U have found ur type of medication …!!! keep improving …!!!

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I’m going to find a 33rd degree freemason and slap his goddamn mouth.

I have a new job with the prospect of advancement. In five years I see myself being involved with doing training on a regional level and creating training materials. I’ve done this in the past and I’m rather good at it.


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