5 hours jet lag


hi, i am very worried about jet lag when i go on holiday,

sleep is important and a good routine sleeping pattern,

i had a bad few days last week because the clocks went forward and the light hours changed so much so what i was wanting to ask is if anyone knows what i can do when i go to florida,

the time difference in florida is 5 hours behind which means i will get less sleep at night i think but i really worried how it will affect me mentally, anything would help, please.


You could start adjusting your sleep now, little by little. I’m hoping that for you, and hour here or there won’t be too bad so maybe just a three hour adjustment for now and then closer to the trip go for a longer nap and of course you can sleep on the plane.

I’m glad you’re going to get to go to florida.


Melatonin is the standard treatment for jet lag. Secondary options are Ambien or temazepam (a benzodiazepine).

Hope this helps and you enjoy Florida!




i’m going to ask my doc if she can help me with this, i dont think i can do it alone, thanks x


Yes, definitely consult with her about these meds. And make sure to let her know how badly loss of sleep affects your mental health. She should be understanding.




Your in England right? The hard part isn’t going to be when you reach Florida, but when you get back home.
I’ve done the SFO-AMS-SFO (San Francisco-Amsterdam-San Francisco) trip more times than I care to admit. Going there took about 2days to adjust, but coming back, I just arrived,ate dinner then went to sleep.
Next day back to normal.