4hr volunteering in Cafe today

I was at the cafe/pantry today and it was ok, its a kind of foodbank as well and i helped put some things on shelves, made my self a coffee and tried to make 2 cappuccinos but i didn’t do well at that bc i need practice, i am very nervous on the coffee machine bc i keep thinking i will burn myself or someone will not enjoy their drink.

its pretty good value bc £2.50 gets 10 items, its all things the shops couldnt sell though and it comes from a fareshare charity, its ingenious and excellent for people on a tight budget.


sounds like a good thing to do =)
you’ll prob get better at making the coffees too!

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I hope so, its very dangerous though, i dont really like using it much but i will need to if i’m taking orders.

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I volunteer at a food pantry too, but I might stop doing it. Looking for some part time job.

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