3Rd week of bad sleep getting to a young man in the usa

For some time now sleep has been on the back burner of a man, a cruel man controlling me like I’m a toy or a game in a game of life that I can’t recall being a nice person ever like whoever asked me if I’m a young latino man in fhe USA of America a horrible younf man at the young age of 17 started a normal life until god talked to me the simulation master talked to me about my sins and everythinf I stopped beinf someone nice. They see me as a puppet of goodness I was in control of my life until I hit 18 and my life turned ripe as in schizophrenia ruined it and stopped my medicince due to mind control

Perhaps back on meds if your off them from reading what your saying.

I sleep like a baby on zyprexa. I get cognitive gains. It’s better for me to live with meds than not…Just saying.


On meds 20 times a friggin day. They doped me up and send me back on my way to my home in rural Kentucky in my farm where I lost all my members of my family due to a large meteorite storm sorry rogue but you are a kind man a very kind man with good intentions and youre cool with me. I will now proceed to commit spiritual death.

Yeah it’s a tough cop. It really is. That sleep is important. Other thing is another med equation but it’s never the best. Take as needed prn. When psychotic and manic I needed that help. Perhaps reconsider the medical approach.

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im sorry mr. rogue i was going through a rough patch, but yes im taking my medicine, i dont know why i said i wasnt, i hope you can undertand. sorry if i said anything to offend you. : /

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