3d sci fi spaceship


That’s nifty! 151515

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These are getting cool. You should do an image with all of them together in a hangar


That would be cool!

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Is it only me or does it kinda look like a seal in it’s shape? Or some kind of sea creature

Yes it could be nicknamed that way

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cool man…paint it silver and I’m all in…haha

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You dont like the orange? I love colors, I’m not so fan of only grays :grin:

edit: oh you meant then its more like a seal

I like the matte orange and I’m noticing now that I’m looking at it that there’s some dimpling on the front. That’s interesting. It looks like the metal is has crinkled. Pretty cool

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Very cool! As usual

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That’s a mistake actually, it happened when the geometry started overlapping when beveling the edge. Need to fix that.

The orange is a bit more saturated on my PC, I made it on a gaming computer that is not color accurate. I really need a color accurate monitor.

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I think the side guns are innovative btw!

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Thanks, I took inspiration from a star citizen model, this one

I wanted some structure with panels covering it.

And I have now learned that models tend to be more interesting when you have a main shape, but then you break that main shape into smaller shapes. The tank I made recently was a bit boring imo because it’s just one shape without any breaking up of that shape.

This is what is cool about learning


That is so sick

Yeah it’s an incredible model, must have taken weeks to make the whole thing.

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It also looks plausible in really fascinating ways

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It would be so cool to create a miniature universe like Warhammer, 3d print models and paint them, maybe even create a web page and sell online. (I have a degree in web design)

That’s a fantastic idea. How do you plan something out like that?

Well first You’d have to come up with factions and a style for each of them. Then buy a 3d printer which I think is a bit expensive. Then create the models, print them. If you want to sell, you could either create your own web page that you have coded yourself, or you could use a template.

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Why factions necessarily? Are you going to model after Warhammer that way?

Could you innovate on that scale? Maybe you could create a storyline
Like three different races that have encountered each other on a planet that is right for colonization
Just as an example of an idea