Spaceship 3d


I’m rarely satisfied with my work from imagination. I think I need to look at more references and get inspiration and stop pretending like I can create awesome things from imagination, lol.

there are plenty of images for space ships if you google them, that’s where I get some of my ideas.

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Yeah I think I definitely need to google for references. Do you think the space ship I posted looks good? I personally think it looks kind of weird. It looked cool while I was making it in Blender but now that I look at it, it’s kind of meh. I went too crazy with the shapes.

oh I love your designs !! great work !! very eclectic sci fi space ships !! especially that round robot you did…love your work.

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If Volkswagen sold a spaceship this would be it :crazy_face: jk. But seriously I like it. It doesen’t have to be spectacular to be good.

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detailed it a bit more.