3d sci fi spaceship

That’s a great idea, I like the base for the story. Yeah by factions I was just referring to “teams, races, sides” whatever you want to call it.

I wouldn’t want to make a game out of it I think though, as the Warhammer game is probably better than what I can come up with.

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If there’s no game potentially, you don’t need to come up with an antagonistic plot

True, true.


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But then why the guns ?
I thought about it

I like the idea that there’s war between the races. It creates some kind of relationship between them, as opposed to them just being races living peacefully among each other. Or, it could be 2-3 races fighting against one. Or 2 fighting against 2.

There must be some interaction between them I feel, as that makes the story interesting.

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You’re looking for antagonism?
Or some kind of fulcrum?
Something that spurns something?

I would appeal to Africa for further fiction with respect to that concept

It is prevalent in western lit

I just hope that teaching and testing and magic can be enough and that war will be mitigated in our mind

There’s David brin’s uplift series

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I like the idea that races could exist in harmony or in some sort of hegemony

You used a lot of words I don’t know there man. :slight_smile: “spurn and fulcrum”, English is not my main language.

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what does hegemony mean?

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I’ll define it give me a moment

It is the predominance of one state over other states, but it also signifies a means by which states might unify

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Yeah it’s hard to come up with a story if they live in harmony. I’m open to suggestions. I think the style of the models then would be less “aggressive” and less “bad ass” if that makes sense.

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No it makes sense. I get it

Guns and swords are a design space.
Weapons of death,
I find it troubling as a designer

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I just have my own weird beef with reality

Your your models are great and I think your idea is stupendous like literally I will be a purchaser. Probably I want to get a three printer really badly

I would totally invest in models from website if you were setting it up and doing tons of different tech and races. Be so cool!

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You would get a big discount on your purchase if I ever made it a reality :+1:

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Can you mod starfield yet?

Like not to lead you on but I’m sure they’ll monetize it eventually so you won’t make millions but you can get a little back if they do.

I’m not sure how it all works but do the research. I like your work and it looks good. Don’t want to lead you on so research, research and have fun.

I think I like your stuff because it’s fun!

Is Starfield mod’able? I didn’t know. I guess it makes sense because it’s Bethesda.

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@FreeLunch I googled it and it takes hours to 3d print one model. That would make it hard to sell as you’d constantly have to print and even then you would not get many made in a week.

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