3 Positives #3

slept all night with a sleeping tablet.

had a shower and coffee.

got a phone call from my loved one.

  1. Finally got a good night sleep

  2. It really felt good to play guitar today

  3. Chatted with a friend


Helped my dad with his pt job

Visited my grandmother … gave her pumpkin from my garden.

Finished my literature to film essay


Had a good dream

Woke up at 6.10 am (while I normally get up at 10)

Had my coffee and browsing the forum now (6.38 am)


I feel better today after a cold

Visited a pal and watched some F1 motor racing :slight_smile:

had a coffee and did a little garden work


its only 10.30 am and im already doing 3 positives. ha ha ha
oh well i do not have any plans for the day anyway.

i was refunded for a sheet i almost bought.yeay!extra money welcome and putting it aside for my fur babies.

got a phone call from my loved one. :heart:

slept all night with the help of a darling darling sleeping tablet that i love love love.


What sleeping tablet is it if you don’t mind my asking @SacredNeigh7 ? Sometimes I can’t sleep, and nothing seems to work 4 me.

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imovane or zoplicone

not sure if that is spelt right.

i have been taking them when needed for over 20 years.
one time i was taking them every night for 8 years back when i had voices 24/7.

now i take most nights but not every night.

if i am starting to feel psychotic these tablets can help me.
i take half of one or a full one and sleep and usually wake up feeling better.

they have helped me so much.

my gp doesnt like prescribing them to me .

in my experience psychiatrists are more happy to prescribe sleepin tablets as they know it is so important to sleep (specially when you are psychotic or to prevent psychosis).

gp are more afraid you might become addicted.

Okay, thanks. If you’ve been taking it for 20 years and it still works, it must be good. Seroquel used to work for me, but I’ve gotten too used to it

I will talk to my doctor about that one. Thanks!!

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I’m sorry to hear that life has been so hard for you @SacredNeigh7 . I had no idea. It speaks to your strength of character, to have made it to where you are now

  • Had a visit from a close friend. We ate sushis. (I celebrated my birthday with my family on Sunday even though I was born on the 11th)
  • I went to pick up a huge package with my little car and my little arms
    and… that’s all.

it is only 10 am but i have been up since 4 am so i am writing my 3 positives this early.

bought a leek and my latuda.yes managed to do so even though i didnt feel like going outside today.

had a lovely coffee that my coffee machine made for me. :heart:

i got a phone call from my loved one and i called another loved one.


Let myself sleep in today, I’ve been exhausted

Mixed down two more songs with my buddies

Thank God I’m home!

  • I had coffee but i had to move bc of loud noises
  • I went to my clubhouse and dropped off a Mic with stand that a good friend donated, attended a meeting and hoovered the carpet downstairs.
  • I had a pizza

did some shopping. i love love love shopping although i do pretty much all my shopping online such as groceries etc.ofcourse i buy cruelty free.

walked my brothers dogs a little walk while we had a break from the rain.

made potato and leek was a touch too salty but still edible in my opinion.


Had a great walk today, went a little further than usual and it felt great

Went out to the Reserve to get gas and such.

I made homemade chicken soup from scratch. God damn, it’s delicious!


I did some training at my radio station, (and got into trouble for a sweary in a song) :frowning:

got pizza

& visited my Sister

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Was productive in my job today (Not so much yesterday)

Gave some stuff away to a builder friend that I don’t need any more

Saw my parents for a chat


Pretty bare-bones today. To be honest I feel like s***

Went for a walk

Played the guitar

Brushed my teeth

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Came back from Paris for a medical appointment. It was so tiring… Have to go there tomorrow to return the material… :confused:
Did a laundry.
I paid 135 € a parking fine :sob:
Fed and gave meds to my cat
I posted a small ad to sell a processor and RAM.