3 billion women got together and decided I would never have sex again

It makes me mad but I admire their organizational skills just the same.


just date online dude…you can have a woman next week…!!

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I’m never going to have sex. I’m too fat and ugly.

Well, I might be being crude but I’m only doing it too help.
I’m overweight, I rarely get called handsome.
But hell, once you’re surfing the internet and you stumble upon a video of a gorgeous blonde having a threesome with two German Shepard’s and doing unmentionable things to them, you have to figure that there are women out there who wouldn’t balk at fooling around with an overweight, plain average guy.

You just have to look at the big picture: there’s literally billions of both men and women who are every size and shape, of every nationality, ugly or just plain looking, who are having regular sex all around the world. Looks or size does not exclude you from finding a mate or a sex partner. If you treat women decently and with respect the odds are you might stumble across one that really likes something about you and might give you a chance to get to know her and you might both hit it off and it might go further.

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If it’s just sex that you want then why don’t you pay a visit to Nevada where prostitution is legal.
It’s not far from California.

I ain’t looking for just sex though I wouldn’t turn down a chance at a one night stand. A women friend would be nice to hang around and talk with and have coffee with or take walks with or go places.
I learned late in life how cool women could be. You know what? For part of that knowledge I thank a lot of the women on here and the women at work and just other women in general while I go about my day. Other guys can be cool but they’re just in the way. I get along with both sexes in daily life, but not all of them.

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Yeah I’m kind of looking for the same thing.

I’ve always had trouble with women flirting with me since I got married years ago.

It’s flattering but also a pain in the butt.

I’ve never had trouble making friends…always done well with the ladies. :wink:

With my charm, breathtaking looks and cutting edge sense of humour, the gals usually line up to swoon over me!

(Ahem. Or perhaps this should be in the Unusual Beliefs section) :joy:


Actually @77nick77,

You could always try an inflatable woman. They won’t ask you what you are thinking, and if you fall out of a boat it could be used as a flotation device!

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I used my last girlfriend breasts as flotation devices. They helped me survive the Titanic.

And while we’re on the subject, I learned long ago that if a woman is going to have an affair, lots of women prefer married men.

I learned that in college decades ago when I took Intermediate Unfairness of Being A Single Man 1A.

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IDK man. I’m at the age where women treat me just fine and give me a chance as opposed to high school when women wouldn’t give me the time of day. I just got through having a very good conversation with a woman when I bought my soda. When I drove through to get my soda I told her voice sounds like a teenage girl but she was probably in her late twenties. IDK, it was funny and we both laughed.

I’m in my home town, trying to enjoy it. I kind of wouldn’t mind an inflatable woman right now but she has to pay for her own damn coke.

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I had women all over me back when I was drinking, using, and in the club scene. Being the DJ helps I guess. I was also skinny because of the speed. I probably looked like a zipper when I turned sideways. The amazing part was how badly I could treat women and they’d hang around (still feel horrible about that). However, once I stopped drinking and partying I basically became invisible to the opposite sex.

3 billion women and a few good men, not all of them married.

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