29 with a security blanket

Whoo that feels good to say it here, my pdoc doesn’t even know. I still walk around (in home, never in public) and sleep with my baby blanket. Is it weird? Doesn’t feel weird, feels right


No judgement here. I would still have my blanket except that my dad threw it out because he thought I was too old. My friend is 26 and still has her stuffed giraffe sleep with her and her boyfriend at night.


Hmm ,

Looks L(Y)Ke You Already Answered Your Own Question … ,

But Tis Weird , In A Public Setting Sorta Space … ,

Also Depending On Who’s Witnessing You … ,

But I Would Say ,

Whatever Holds Tite To Tha Innocence Of Your NATURAL Clean Heart Cannot Hurt You …



Don’t sweat it…my smokes are my security blanket in times of stress. :wink:

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and Also On Tha Subject Of What’s Being Thot Behind Those Eye’s … ,

In Honesty " Weird" Is Better Than “normal” … ,

Within That Sphere As Long As You Are Being YOURSELF , Tha Word Ugly Isn’t Even Within Your Reality …

Or For Anyone Else On That Matter ,

but As You Can Feel Behind Those Other Eyes , You Cannot Even Go Outside In Tha Dark Early Mornings and Sit With Your Friend … Out Of Fear Of Blah Blah Blah … ,

So Yep ,

You Deserve The Best ,

Your Beautiful .

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I wouldn’t worry about it.

I often feel like staying wrapped up in a blanket all day. Especially now that it’s getting cold.

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I have this ratty old twin-sized blanket, just a regular bed blanket, that I’ve been using since my dad got it for me when I was a little kid on vacation. It gets put on every (queen-sized) bed I make, from home to dorm to apartment to apartment to house.

I tried to get rid of it a few years ago. It’s too small, it has holes in it, it’s an unpleasant polyester weave, but I was anxious and couldn’t sleep. Came to understand that it’s a blankie, not a blanket, and it’s just going to have to keep going on every bed. Too bad for anyone who has a problem with it :pouting_cat:


I sleep with a stuffed animal and I’m a 20 yr old man


I dont have a blanket but I have an extra pillow I sleep with. Its my hug pillow


My friend is in her upper 30’s and when we’re alone I still catch her sucking her thumb…it’s only when we’re at home alone, I haven’t seen her do it out in public or in front of others. I’m sure we all do things someone somewhere might consider weird. Someone might consider it weird that I choose to sleep early morning/mid afternoon rather than late evening’s like everyone else does when I don’t work the night shift…well don’t work period which some might considered weird in itself…even with a mental illness.

I suggest making your blanket into another piece of clothing or two so that it can always be with you wherever you go. Plenty of room for creativity with that :wink:

Let me ask the question is it weird that I’m a college male who sleeps with a stuffed bunny? I don’t think so. I mean I don’t have a bed full of stuffed animals just the 1 bunny. In my eyes it keeps me company when I’m alone and if I ever get a gf she’ll be able to hug it up. Might be a faulty view of how a man should be but in my eyes two birds one stone situation.