22:11 and I had a coffee! I know, I know.. such a rockstar!

"Live fast sure (live a little too fast sometimes!) but die young? No die old I say":sunglasses: David Brent


awww… why did you have coffee ? Hope ur alright


Am fine. Pretty good in fact. But I think I will have a late night

Yeah I had a cup of coffee at around 19 pm so not wiser :smiley:
Not sure how to fall asleep as I will take my dad to laser eye surgery tomorrow early morning.

@Moonbeam Hope your surgery goes extremely smoothly and good vibes. Keep us posted!!!


In a twist of fate I didn’t have any coffee at all today. I’ve been feeling tired all day as a result. :coffee:

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Thanks @MissMermaid. I suspect the worst of it will be the hour stuck in morning rush hour traffic. The five minute laser surgery should be a breeze in comparison. :smile:

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Good morning :o)

I will leave in 20 minutes. Wish us luck!!!


Good wishes to ur papa and u…hope it goes smoothly…

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Good luck! I hope your dad’s procedure goes well.

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I second that, I hope your dad’s surgery goes well and you both get some sleep afterwards.

Your dad is getting laser eye surgery at 1 AM…?

Different time zones I’m guessing

With that timeframe I’m guessing she’s somewhere in Europe

How did you dad’s laser eye surgery go @MissMermaid? I hope everything went well.

I just got back from my laser eye surgery appointment and it took all of five minutes for the procedure. I have to say, it hurt a lot more on this eye than on the other eye that was done previously. :grimacing:


Aw sorry :neutral_face: hope you recover quickly!!!

My dad’s went fine and he is happy :blush: so we will see results next tuesday and then he also has to take some pills or drops didnt understand well

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