2010 i was in the psych hospital

i was psychotic for two weeks on and off in 2010 I got out of hospital on Christmas eve my son was only 3 at the time, since then I entered remission of syptoms I feel well every day


July 1st 2010 was my very first hospitalization!!

My second was May of 2011 but they let me out too soon I ended up going right back 4-5 days later in June.

Then I had a bunch more after that.

My last one was April of this year but I’m thinking as long as I take my meds I won’t have it happen again this year well one day at a time for me!

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as time goes by time can heal IMO my first break was in 2000 so basically I had issues of mental health for 10 years on and off 2000 to 2010, I need the meds though there part of my biological make-up now, and I have totally accepted that

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One time I was in jail on Christmas. It is the only time I have been just totally miserable on Christmas. All the other times I could usually think of reasons to be cheerful. It’s New Year’s Eve that gets me down, even if it is my own birthday. One time I was throwing up blood on New Year’s Day. What a good note to start the year on.


Was in hospital in 2003 twice and 2004, 2005 then after relapse, in 2013, 2014, 2015. And 2018 this year twice.
Been a long road of ups and downs for me!

Hoping to face a new year of stability and creativity.

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The night between 31 Dec and 1 January 2016 was my first

I was first in the hospital back in like 1996 or 97. I have been a total of five times since then. My last was this past summer. July i think. Glad you’re doing well @san_pedro!

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