2 post in 2 days :)

This is a big deal for me. I am really working on being social. I even added a picture of myself for my profile for the first time on here. I would love to see how everyone is doing today.


Hi saywhaat! I am doing decent today! How’s your day going?

It’s alright. My daughter just went with my mom and my other two are with their grandma so no kids today :slight_smile: trying to enjoy the break.


Congrats on being social! Enjoy your little break. How long do you have to yourself?

The entire day! Unless my daughter doesn’t sleep then my mom will drop her off tonight. I always enjoy the first few hours and then I start getting to much in my head with nothing to really distract me. I start school again the 16th, taking history of rock music to fulfill a fine arts credit. So once that starts the time alone will be much more enjoyable.

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I’m also working on being more social, it seriously can be tough. Don’t give up on trying to be social!

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Thanks it’s hard. You don’t give up either :slight_smile:

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