2 in 1 new mobile for the new person!

I bought new smartphone along with it I take Bluetooth speaker
small like small square cubic

I never dreamed of such gift
I always use wired speakers or the inside speaker

You remember when I said I got my old sister years ago 2018

It lasted with me 3 years and lasted with her 2 years
I now have new one
Android 10 it is amazing :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I hope blessings never cut off :hugs:
Thanks god
BTW the j1 was only 4.3" j7 is somewhat bigger5.5
The new one is 6.5"
It is amazing


Getting a new phone is always fun !

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I’m glad for you!

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Of course
Especially if you don’t buy it by your money :joy::joy::joy:
I bought the new one by my own money
I am happy becoz of this fact :hugs:

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Thank you dear
Wish you all the best

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