$1k medication

I have been switched (through trial packs) from RisperDONE to Rexulti and am happier, have had no side effects as of yet, and my only complaint is that I don’t sleep as well as I did but that’s no big deal to me. What is a big deal is I got a text from my pharmacy yesterday saying a medication was $750 so I called my insurance company and they told me that my med for a month’s worth of Rexulti it costs a little less than $1k and they payed around $250! I called my pdr and they said that they gave us a savings card that will make the first month free and make the second time as low as $15 and so we pointed out that the card’s booklet said it has a maximum savings of $200 and they reassured us that the first month would be free. Sure enough we went to the pharmacy and they said it would be free but was unsure what the second usage of the card would make it cost.

I don’t want to switch meds when I just found one that works. I do see my pdr in about week and he said we would talk about our options.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Jesus that’s so expensive. I don’t have any suggestions for you, maybe talk to your pdoc about it, if you can’t afford it you need a new med.

I may be switching to Rexulti soon @Twialine.

I too am on Risperdal now.

I’m sorry that you are finding it difficult to afford, you might be able to get a discount on your meds if you get in touch with the Manufacturer.

Talk it over with your pdoc too.

Good luck with everything.

I don’t know if you tried Abilify, but it is now Generic here in the States.

Stay calm, don’t panic. Your pdoc might have some tricks up his sleeve to get you that med. When I didn’t have insurance but made to much money for medicaid, the saphris I was taking was $1000+. I got samples for a few months then got on some program that paid for it, I think it was thru the manufacturer.

Do whatever you can to avoid Medicaid because it sucks! I wish I had more options when I was younger.

:astonished: that is way too expensive. All Americans should come and live in Australia. Saphris is $40 for the month, most meds are about $40 for the month. My head is spinning.

If you use the govt clinic, they cannot refuse you medication. If you get angry or confrontational, you could be locked up for long psych evaluation, arrested in front of house or work, at your own expense for as long as pdr can justify…Warning! May take sit-in like behavior, silently waiting for refill from samples closet at county psych clinic. If locked up in psych hospital, you just call the pdoc and you will be let out in a couple days if you stay quiet and meds compliant in hospital.

I took risperdal shots at clinic. I waited for 1.5 hours without a line…Was no way to get the meds on lunch, before or after work, then they started to charge me 15% of check and I lived alone paying my own way. So was not able to even stay on it…Had to go to cheaper pills. Shots never stopped the voices anyway and huge weight gain. May need to wait until there is a generic.

Can recommend seroquel for affordability, few side effects and causes drowsiness nicely. Cut it up at night and take 1 hour before bed. Start at 50mg and work way up from there.

Seroquel and Geodon work great for me. The patent has run out on Geodon and generic versions are coming out, bringing the price down. Of course, the med’s work differently for different people. Some people find Seroquel very sedating, but I can’t really tell I’m taking it.