15 and diagnosed with psychosis + ranting about my ward experience

Anyone around the same age maybe has similar experiences with me? Id like to talk about things

I do not have SZ, just a diagnosis of “psychosis NOS”

I was at a psych ward like 2-3 months ago but got out of there at the end of April

The experience sucked because I was constantly threatened with injections if I didn’t take my medication etc

there also was one nurse who threatened me with a feeding tube despite me being almost overweight…


It’s tough to have psychosis at a young age

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Very few minors get diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective. Psychosis NOS is generally considered a stopgap diagnosis, that people get when they have a first episode of psychosis. If your psychosis persists, you will likely get a different diagnosis eventually.


I have heard of it ya

I do not think I will have another episode though

Most people do not have a second episode. If you want to increase your chances of never having a second episode, Take your medication exactly as directed and stay away from alcohol and drugs, especially marijuana.


aw i really wanted to smoke weed for medical purposes when im older
guess not : /

THC will make you 80% more likely to have a psychotic episode. CBD on its own is not known to be harmful, and some studies indicate it could be beneficial to people with psychosis. But THC is highly linked to psychosis, and if you have a second episode of psychosis it is more likely to become a permanent condition.


I see. I mainly meant CBD weed but yeah…

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I take CBD oil as part of my treatment. It seems to help with anxiety for me. Different people have different experiences. If you choose to try CBD (at age 21 when it is legal for you) make sure to get a lab report with any products you buy, to ensure they are THC free. Products that are lab tested are more expensive, but it is worth it to avoid the risk of relapse. And ask your doctor first.

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CBD is legal here for all ages so that isnt a problem.

Its kinda a taboo here though, docs usually label you as a “drug-seeking” person if you talk about anything remotely related to marijuana

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Might be something to discuss with your parents, then, as well as your doctor. With the help of CBD, I was able to wean off my anxiety med about 6 months ago. I also have chronic pain, so it has been doubly beneficial to me. I don’t believe it interacts with many medications or conditions. In my state, it is only available to 21 or over. I would like to try it for my son’s ADHD, but his doctor said no.

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But yeah is there anyone my age?

We have a few under 18s here, but most people don’t experience psychosis until they are 18-25. I started having symptoms at 14, but did not get treatment until I was 24.

It’s extremely dangerous to use it before the age of twenty-five while your brain is still organizing itself. You truly don’t want it doing neural trimming around weed use.

Ah I see. Is it unusual to have it at around 15?

My first unusual beliefs emerged at age 11, which seems pretty early to me :frowning:

I’m 35 now,

But my symptoms were present as long as I can remember.

When I was your age I had pretty intense positive symptoms.

I’m not sure if there are a lot of people your age on the forum,

But a lot that have had psychosis/symptoms at your age.


It is fairly unusual, yeah. @NeoPolitan02 and @John_Raven both found this site around that age, and we occasionally have teenagers pop in for a bit with single episodes of psychosis that resolve after about a year or so.


I started experiencing symptoms at 17 and was given the same NOS diagnosis. It is difficult to diagnosis initially and if I’m not mistaken to get the official diagnosis symptoms need to be present for 6 months or a year. I got mine at 18 even though nothing changed other than the length of time. As far as hospitalization goes, it is so hard to feel like the current inpatient system is really helping. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience I do understand how horrible that can be and I’m sorry you dealt with it, especially right at the beginning of your experience.

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Yeah, I had NOS initially at age 24, and then it changed to schizophrenia after about a year. Now, it has changed again to schizoaffective and the reason my doctor gave was “schizophrenics don’t recover like you do.” I said, “Probably not, if you keep changing the diagnosis of the ones who do recover.”

Point being, the diagnosis doesn’t matter so much. Just focus on treating your symptoms and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

I’m 44, but have always been “weird”. I had unusual beliefs when very young. I also had a traumatic upbringing, but only one instance of abuse. It was all family drama and some unintended mental abuse from my bipolar or possibly schizoaffective mother.

But yeah, I was young when I experienced both positive and negative symptoms. I think it is more common than we know about. Not all people remember their childhood or teens vividly.

I was originally diagnosed schizoaffective at 15. They used a different name, I dont5remember it now, but my new psychiatrist was able to track down my records and I can ask him.