144. Just go away

I don’t know what it means.

But now they make me look at 144.

The only thing i can think is 144,000, but i don’t even know what they hell that really is, they just make me look at it.

Although i did see that if you divide 144,000 by six three times you get 666.666666666.

WTF?! Goddamnit!

1+4+4= 9

That’s how my messed up brain works.

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yep… 9.

That was how my brain was seeing it too. I was also seeing 441.

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Clearly this means that you’re dyslexic.

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I feel for you buddy. The voice in my head always talks about the number 72. something about 72 of the fire of the fire of the fire. Think he might be talking about hell or something. Peace Chris

They threatened me with this, or something like it, during psychosis, said they were going to torture me forever.

72, an angle of the pentagram.

Do they say it to you three times like that? Thats creepy thats creepy thats creepy.

Woke up from an awful nightmare as usual, looked at the clock, it was 144.

This information is inputted into my “idiot 1.0” operating system though and i do the wrong things about it.

Given a new operating system i would attain the highest understanding and appreciation of said operating system though.

they say like 72million burned in the fire of the fire of the fire. I’ve had multiple dreams about this ■■■■■■■■

72 million, out of humanity that would be but a few.

Yeah it’s probably just a nonsense thought

If it’s bible related, don’t worry about it. I’ve been coming up 6’s for awhile, let alone the actual biblical hallucinations. Trust in God if you’re prone to it. Paul says in the bible “Don’t try to be too Godly, because the devil is right by your side.” We’re supposed to be fallible, that is humanity’s role in the whole pantheon of the biblical saga.

I’ll show off my schizophrenia thugness: I got hit with the mark of the beast, got that removed, apparently sometimes it comes back. I’ve been hit with the mark of one of the 12 tribes, hopefully that’s there. God had a son, he died for everyone because we weren’t as good as him, and so he was totally cool with that and then did all his cool stuff that he did because he liked us all. It’s all already over, due to his infinite majesty, and we’re really all impressed down here I must say, unless we’re not at varying times, because we were not made perfectly. I’ll quit talking about it now. If you wanted to get scientific about it, it was kind of a jump shot, God made us failing creatures, then the J-man came down and scooped us up and slammed it home.

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12 x 12…
Biblical meaning of course is there.
Hebrew Gematria, magic, spiritual, intelligent. guidance…

What? usually I get 7 of 7 or 11 of 11…check this out…not planned either…i never pay attention to what number post it is till after I post and see the numbers

72…isn’t that 1/2 of 144?

That’s kinda creepy.

And if you think about it, 12 is a pretty useful number. Example: 1 dozen is 12 of anything, 1 foot is 12 inches, 1 year is 12 months, 1 day has 2x12 (AM and PM).

Certainly 12 inches are a foot is significant in Western culture. Then when you square something you are making it more perfect, a perfect square. 12 x’s 12 = 144. You have something here.