111111 trigger numbers


Okay. So in my dilusion km married to lucifer or the God 9f this world.
Um so another part of my dilusion is that the pentagram is soothing for me and helps me mentally. Um it’s a satanic object and I am obviously having some issues. Maybe subconsciously religion has trivge9 my mental illness.


My advice is, either stop being religious, cause nobody really has any proof… or if you can’t, then at least join the good guys side. Satan has been known to be a cruel master.


My trigger is the pentagram and the numbers 666 and 616. I consider repeating 4s and 7s good luck. 8s are ok too, but that’s more of a chinese numerology thing.

I want to not care about numbers anymore.


Numbers are in my blood in my brain. I need them to tell me about the war to come.