10 voices 666999

I remember my ex pdoc saying a story about a patient she had that was hearing 10 voices, maybe more. Back then I had only one voice and it seemed frightening to have 10 voices.
Now i have 10,and I understand.
How many voices do you have?

I have six.
Two are little girls,
Two are adults,
And two change their voices to whatever they want.
Usually I hear the male voice telling me to harm myself.

On most days, none, because I did everything I could to safely get myself to the hospital when I was having bad command hallucinations. I couldn’t have done it without everyone here, but I did it, finally. I didn’t enjoy being ill. I wanted out. You need to go to the hospital, sorry. Your pdoc doesn’t know what he’s doing, and that’s giving him the benefit of the doubt.

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You don’t seem bothered by your ten voices and other delusional beliefs you have. Don’t you want to get better or you’re just enjoying madness?

some of my voices are blissful and my only company. Some others are evil and I don’t want them

You could go to crazyboards. Just a suggestion.

Why should I go there?

I have two voices a evil male voice called Alien and a good female voice called Sarah. Sometimes Alien has backup voices behind him that laugh with him but usually it’s just him and Sarah talking to each other about me or Alien talking to me tormenting me or placing his thoughts in my head.

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I had three voices at the very start, they were Noel and Anthony and some unidentified woman. Then I had Owen and Anthony and Noel, now I just have some unidentifiable male who told me he wasn’t either of the three. I call him dickhead

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@jaynebeal had 200 voices she used to say


Are you calling him crazy??

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It is a website 151515

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