Zyprexa 151515

Food is so good now… I’m feeling better mentally but I’m having insane food cravings. Time to order McDonald’s Uber eats lol.


i felt the same, dont indulge too often it was extremely hard for me to resist cravings i couldnt stop eating

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Depakote is like Zyprexa when it comes to food cravings.

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How is Depakote working for you.?

It works well for me @TheCanuk.
Keeps me out of the Hospital

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Glad it keeps you out of the hospital.

I gained 30 lbs in 2 months on Zyprexa. I switched to Abilify but don’t sleep nearly as good as I did on Zyprexa. Still, I couldn’t afford to gain any more weight. I’m on Depakote, too, but don’t seem to crave food too much on it.

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