@ZombieMombie's Halloween Havoc!

I wanna be a cool kid, too.

I’m a Day of the Dead baby! For that reason I love Halloween and all things spooky or fall related.

Anyone else a fall baby?


No I’m a Summer baby but I love the Fall.
Autumn is my favorite season.


Nope but I wanted to be the first person to come to your party.

edit: wave beat me lol


I like candy corn And want some

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I was born two days before April Fool’s day! That’s why I’m such a jester.

My mother was hungry for Mexican food while she was pregnant with me, and it turns out that’s my favorite food. I wonder if that’s how it works.

I saw a poll somewhere that said full size reese’s cups were the favorite piece of halloween candy among kids.


I bought some Reese’s peanut butter cups for Halloween and ate some today!
They are my favorite candy!


I eat them by biting it close to the edge. The first bite is all the peanut butter, then I get to eat the outside ridge of the second half without the peanut buttery center. So that bite is all chocolate.


You know what’s funny both my kids love what I craved when I was pregnant with them. It’s so strange. My son loved chewing on ice when he was little and I never chewed ice except when I was pregnant with him, it was almost like an obsession.

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That’s how I eat them too!

I love candy corn but the bag my daughter bought me this year had an off taste for some reason. I like the Brachs better.

I love Reese’s. My husband got me sick of them a while back so I don’t eat them much now.

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I wish I was good at carving pumpkins.


I’m a winter baby.

And, okay, with the risk of being labelled the most unworldly, quixotic person of the whole forum… what IS Halloween?

I know it has something to do with scary stuff and pumpkins, but that’s about it. We never celebrated Halloween here in my country and family when I was young, I dont watch tv and rarely watch movies, I’m totally untrendy (and yes quixotic too), and although the last years some Halloween stuff started appearing in shops in my country… I just didnt catch up yet.

My son wants to celebrate Halloween, but I’m a little clueless…. WHY do people celebrate Halloween, what’s the story? And what do you do? Is it the festivity where children pass by the houses to get candy? Do you decorate the house (or what else am I supposed to do with all the stuff they sell)? Do you go to parties? Do you celebrate with family too? I see some stuff lying around in the shops, but I have no clue what I am supposed to do with it, and especially - why? What’s the story behind it? :slight_smile:

So…uhm…help! Who wants to do my son a favour and convince his mum that Halloween is really a good celebration and instruct her how to celebrate it!! He will be thankful, I know! :stuck_out_tongue:

Kids go from door to door dressed up in costumes and people give them candy. Sometimes malls or the like have costume contest and win prizes. Some people have parties with scary movies and decorate the house with scary stuff. Many people carve pumpkins and put candles in them

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@ZombieMombie, you are a cool kid! :grin:

Do you enjoy George Romero zombie movies?

When I was a kid I thought Day of the Dead was the coolest film. LOL.

My daughter likes burritos and I ate Taco Bell burritos

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Thanks. I wondered but never really researched it. Today my son was convincing me to celebrate Halloween and I was like…“but how? What am I supposed to do?”. He probably picked up on the candy thing from kids at school, I can see how he likes that. :slight_smile:

What will you do for Halloween? Will you visit someone?

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If you go door to door you need to go to houses of people you know. Or make sure you check the candy

Día de los muertos


We will hand out candy. My kids are kind of old to trick or treat. We’ll watch some movies and I’ll buy lots of junk food