@ZombieMombie's Halloween Havoc!

I’ll discuss it with my parents. Perhaps I’ll let him pass by the houses in their area, it’s where I grew up as well, they lived there for ages, so we know people there. Why to check the candy?

Years back in the United States we heard of people putting razors or needles into candy. Like hide them in there

And is it like Christmas or Easter or so, where there is a story you celebrate, it symbolizes something? Or is it a normal festivity/party where it’s about having fun together? Don’t know how to explain.

:-o That is really sick. I wouldn’t even have thought of that!

It’s not like a holiday people get off work. It’s a pagan festival. It used to be frowned upon by most churches but it’s become widely accepted now.

Good to see the safety guidelines. I will keep an eye on both him and the candy, if we decide to dress him up and go by the doors. :slight_smile: I hope people even have candy here to give away!

And that’s interesting, that it comes from pagan rituals and now it has become widely accepted. There are lots more pagan influences in “our” culture than we realize I guess.

Halloween is based on a mish mash of holidays. Fall harvest festivals, Samhain (which is technically my birthday Nov 1), and All Hallow’s Eve because the next day is hallowed- All Saint’s Day.

Lots of stuff

People at one time carried carved turnips around as lanterns to scare off bad spirits which evolved into gourds and pumpkins which is where Jack O lanterns come from.

The scary imagery was to scare ghosts as well and to hide your true face from them. All Hallow’s Eve and Samhain were supposed to be the nights that the veil between our world and the next was thinnest so people could communicate with their ancestors. Also some spirits may slip through, hence scaring them away.

Everything else is clever marketing to sell costumes, candy, and decor.


Also Day of the Dead is the next day so you may see a lot of flowery skulls. That’s becoming popular in the States. The most I know is people in Central America and maybe South America have feasts and dinners and picnics to be closers to the people they loved that have passed on.


It has only been in the last 20 years we have had pumpkins in Scotland for Halloween. As a kid we used turnips

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Yes, when i was a kid we only went to houses that my mother knew and had to wait til we got home and she checked the candy before we could eat any.

I enjoy Taco Bell burritos also!

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