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Im getting bored with my current youtube line up… soo what channels do you like?

Good mythical morning… rhet and link are pretty funny… they do these will it challenges… the last one i saw was will it chip… fish food and yak ■■■■■ will it chip?

Dashie games… hes pretty funny for a play and rage youtuber.

Who do you like to watch?I

Its full of lols… they have soo much videos… good mythical morning…gmm…

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Fail Army is a staple channel… i lol very hard at some of those 4chan dank memes…but we cant post that here lol…

I like this series a lot

This is great for music

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And this is Over/Under. They get celebs and musicians to rate different subjects. Its pretty funny

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Animal Wonders Montana. My daughter is in love with this channel.

Glove and Boots. They’re amazing, but they’re off the air for a bit trying to figure things out. But there are a ton of old videos to watch.

ASAP Science.

You Suck at Cooking! OMG how could I forget! He’s hilarious.

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This guy likes to wax nostalgic for the time of computers during which I was growing up. I didn’t have the best computers back then because we were poor (Don’t have them now for that matter), but his passion is infectious. He also has a nice food channel.

Apart from that, lots of weird disparate channels, mostly gaming stuff.

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I don’t like youtubers.


Also Nardwuar the Human Serviette is really cool


matt stonie

brave wilderness

this is not happening

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