What channels do you watch on YouTube?

I don’t use Twitter or anything but YouTube. Any suggestions?

I used to have channels that I followed. But I forgot what they are. Lately I’ve been watching Podcast but it’s outside. It’s interesting to see the random folks they run into on the street.

I just watched Bidens state of the union on youtube this morning.

Ive seen videos about mental health, addiction.
I dont find the travel videos so good.

MKHD, and some random art videos for inspiration.

I usually watch some old tv shows or catch up on sports.
I avoid all vlogs

I don’t watch any channels, just individual videos.

I mostly watch fitness channels, fishing channels, and cringe reaction channels.

Linus Tech Tips, travel videos, music videos, etc

Same. Especially SZ vlogs.

I watch retro gaming and tech channels, Russian dashcam car crash channels, some documentary channels, and I follow a bunch of music channels.

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I too watch the russian dash cam crash channels lol.

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I watch HowToADHD because she explains ADHD in a simple and interesting way.
JammiDodger because he is a wholesome bean.
Chelsea Impiccice because I love the way she plays The Sims.

I like “bully ko’d” videos. Or cat or dog rescues from the streets. Used to get into “sovereign citizens getting owned” but they’re all the same after awhile. Or “1st ammendmant auditors.” Got boring after awhile. I watch a lot of mma related videos of fighters trash talking or the best fights.
I still watch videos of big cats killing prey or each other. Lions, tigers, leapords, panthers, cheetahs etc. Or old heavyweight fights of Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Ken Norton and Joe Frazier. I’ve seen just about every fight of Mike Tyson.

I can’t list all my subscriptions but here are my top picks by genre.

biolayne (aka Layne Norton, PhD)
Neuropharmacist (aka Samuel Kohtala, PhD, MSc)
The Empowering Neurologist (aka David Perlmutter, MD)
Dr Brad Stanfield (aka Brad Stanfield, MB ChB)
Gates Brain Health (aka Randall Gates, DC, DACNB)
TheJDocRealMinute (aka Jinaan Jawad, DC, DACNB)
DeFlame Nutrition by Dr. David (aka David Seaman, DC, DACNB)
Dr. John Kruse (aka John Kruse, MD, PhD)
Psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen
Rational Wellness Podcast (aka Ben Weitz, DC, CCSP, CSCS)
Dr. Sam’s Health (aka Andriy Samokhvalov, MD, PhD)
Datis Kharrazian (aka Datis Kharrazian, DC, PhD)
Steve Lee, MD, PhD

Digital Trends

My Life in Gaming
Game Sack

Doug DeMuro

Real estate-related:
Enes Yilmazer
Lustrous Locations


Solar Sands
Atrocity Guide
Plastic Pills
Jonas Ceika
Down the Rabbit Hole

I really love video essays

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