YouTube Has Officially Replaced TV




I have a 4K TV and I only have the sports package added to the basic package. If live tennis, hockey and basketball go streaming on the Internet for free, TV will be history.

Well it IS free. But not legal. It seems they have live sports with YouTube TV as well. If it’s the full deal or it’s limited to select ones I am not sure.

I have found recorded highlights of tennis, hockey and basketball games on YouTube but not live games.

This is there welcome page. I expanded all the tv networks they have. Though, I don’t know how well you can see that photo. Might have to enlarge it.


They do have quiet a bit of sports channels. The only ones that are not in the main deal are Fox Sports Soccer and Showtime.

Some news stations stream live on YouTube like CNN. The NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB and MLS all stream live games on their websites and not on YouTube.

Yeah that’s true. I don’t know how they are going to do PPV but I think this YouTube TV thing is supposed to be more like having cable. There’s not all of the cable channels but they have a lot of the main ones. Some ones I notice that are missing are Comedy Central and Cartoon Network.

And plus what they are advertising, is that all the network channels they have on there are live. So say if you watch a sports channel on TV like Fox Sports or ESPN, it will be on YouTube now and it will be live.

YouTube beats television any day, it’s just so much fun I think.

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Did the trial.would rather play video games tbh

I thought I read $35.00/mo…

It is. But what I meant were sports. Some websites will show PPV sports for free. The quality is terrible though, plus illegal.

What I think I missed with that post was that many sports channels will be on YouTube TV and included in the basic package. Only Showtime and Fox Sports Soccer will be extra. But it’s legal through YouTube TV.

“YouTube killed the Video-star!”

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Make it happen.

I think Netflix has replaced tv personally…

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