Your top 3 most prized physical possessions

Since I can’t post a picture of my bong I guess count the two Cameron Thomas autograph rookie cards as (2) items.

But seriously my car is up there. Even tho I barely drive nor do I like driving (anxiety). I know it’s important but I’m not posting a picture but it’s a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

But Cameron Thomas is the future of the NBA. I got his cards for cheap. Well it’s a gamble. But I know he’s gonna be soooo great. It’ll be crazy. He’s the next kobe Bryant ability wise IMO.

The car, cards, and microphone. Thanks NWA for your contributions because today is definitely a good day.


Baby human (can’t post a photo of her)

And I honestly don’t know my other 2 prized physical possessions… I have too many things lol…


My bed, my bed and food lol. Seriously my grandparents - thankful for them. That’s all I got.

  1. Wedding band from my wife.
  2. No. 2 Brownie camera that my gran had as a child and she gave to me as a child.
  3. 1 yr AA medallion presented to me by my first sponsor, who has since passed.

All the photographs and framed pictures I have of my family. My car.
I like my instant pot, it cost over a hundred dollars and I use it all the time. And a bunch of miscellaneous crap I’ve bought off Amazon over the years.


Oh good one!!!



Its a hard one and it may change from one moment to the next but-

  1. My Ghetto blaster. Turntable, Vinyl & Tapes (i love these all as one thing)
  2. I was going to say my car but technically it is not my possession lol, so i will say my Scotland Flag i have draped across my door, and a certain book that means a lot to me
  3. Computer, mobile phone, Wifi, home phone and my lamps

sorry its hard for me to stick to just 3 things specifically bc some things i like the same as others and i cant choose. but this is the best description i think


Most possessions don’t mean that much to me but there are some things that I wouldn’t want to live without are:

My newly restocked electrical tools/bag
My phone

These are things that could fairly easily be replaced so I don’t know if I’d call them “prized possessions”, but they are things that I find useful.

  1. Ma 2 balls terrence patterson and dean sanders
  2. Ma one and only peter johnson
  3. Ma extra wide Barry bottoms

My glasses are my most important possession as I’m blind without them. Nowadays I seem to see better without them though. Especially for near vision.

I posted a photo of a few of my photo albums in my bookcase. They contain lots of pictures of my son.

My digital piano is third in importance.

  1. Bitsy, my type 1 diabetes bear. I got her when I was diagnosed, in the hospital, at 10 years old. She has patches on her thighs, arms, belly, and butt, as spots where I used to pretend to give her an insulin shot. And she has heart patches on her upper paws, where I could pretend to check her blood sugar. I’d be so heartbroken if I lost her.
  2. My Jiji beanie plush that I got from Epcot, Disney World, in the Japanese area. Jiji is from a Studio Ghibli anime movie, Kiki’s Delivery Service. Jiji is Kiki’s black kitty! My Jiji is small, fitting into my hand. So, I sometimes bring Jiji with me, in my bag.
  3. My car, a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. It’s orange!! It’s got lots of awesome features. And I have 3 stickers on my car: a colorful sticker from Park City, UT, a blue portal from the video game, Portal (Hubby has the opposite portal, which is orange!), and a black sticker of Jiji (mentioned in #2)!

#1 My microwave
#2 My phone
#3 My radio

That’s three, no room for my Chromebook.


My watch, car, and phone. I have a lot of cool books some that were kinda expensive. Books are easier to replace though.


my $1,200 banjo, my 12 string guitar, and all the stuff in my living room…the car isn’t mine but mom’s who gave it to me…I also adore my wedding band but it’s only worth half a hundred…so not prized, but proud.


My guitar equipment.
My knives.
My pipes.

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My 7 string guitar, Grendel.
My stone. I’ve had it for many years and keep it with me at all times. Means 1000 different things to me. I call it my “stone of years” after the ELP song.
My phone. Not a prized possession but essential.


My guitar. My aunt gave it to me 43 years ago. I was my best freind when I was a kid. I taught myself how to make music on the thing, then I began writing songs. Then I started teaching them to friends and family, then I started performing them.

My rainbow making crystal prisms my mother bought for me. The year my mother died she asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I was in a hurry and on my way out the door and I flippantly said “I don’t know mom, rainbows” Well a few weeks later she passed away. Christmas came and she had already bought and wrapped everyone’s presents and even thought we weren’t in the mood for Christmas without her we went ahead and opened the gifts. I opened mine to find a whole bunch of different shaped and colored prisms to hang in my windows to get all the rainbows I could ever want. It was so the best present ever.

The only other thing I can think of is my cat, but I don’t know that she’s a possession so much as a dependent partner.

  1. A zippo lighter that my grandpa gave me from his time working for an airline. It has the airline’s logo on it, and the hinge is being held together by a staple. I’ve though about getting it restored, but the imperfections make it what it is.

  2. A small pine wood derby car me and my dad built when I was about 6. We were going to go to the race that morning, but I got sick. I was throwing up and I couldn’t race the car, but building it with my dad is one of my fondest memories. I still have the car up in my room.

  3. A fishing pole my dad gave me for my 6th birthday. We had already left to go camping, and they didn’t have any wrapping paper. They wrapped it in toilet paper, and me and my sisters didn’t stop laughing about it all night. My sister demanded her gift be wrapped in toilet paper the next year. Anyways, we went camping and caught a boatload of bullheads at one of the fishing holes at the campsite. Still have the pole, but it’s quite out of service.

Honorable mentions: A stuffed raccoon I got when I was a kid. I think I was 3, and we had just moved into a new house about a month before Christmas. It was the first gift I ever remember getting. Its all worn and parts of it are tattered, but again, its the imperfections that tell a story.

The first pocket knife I ever got. I was a wolf cub, and I have a wolf cub slip joint pocket knife, I haven’t used it in years, but I still get it out and clean it and sharpen it every once in a while. I’m a big knife collector, I have hundreds of dollars in knives, and that one is the one I’d keep out of all the others I own.


I never thought about it. But maybe:

  • my original Nintendo Game Boy console. I got it for my 10th birthday and it brought me so much fun for several years.
  • my first ever 1st prize diploma, at a national physics contest, in 9th grade.
  • my Korg piano I bought with money earned at my first job. I still use it to this day.

My phone
My books (some of them)
My photo albums