Your Opinion Please - New Web Site


We’re going to be implementing a new web site design in the next few weeks. I wanted to give you an early look at this new design, and get your opinion on it. One of the nice features of this new design is that its fully mobile phone / smartphone and tablet friendly - so its easy to read on your phone or ipad or android tablet.

Please check it out and let me know if it works for you, or if you see any problems.

Here is the page we’re working on. Its not finished by any means - but this is the generaly design and layout we’re planning:

I’m especially interested for opinions of people who are using their phone or a tablet to check on the site. Please tell me if everything looks ok!


In the “Indepth Schizophrenia Information” all items on the list seem to be proceeded with a missing image file.

Or is this just me?

Otherwise it looks good.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes - like I said, this page is still in early stage of development - so I’m most interested in higher level general thoughts and experience on the page. Great to hear that “otherwise it looks good”.

I don’t know what the diagnosed - discussion section looks like, because i couldn’t log in, but the other parts look good so far

I may be showing my ignorance by asking this, but this is about news and information, not a forum, right? It looks very informative and interesting to me.

Yes - this is the new home page design (and ultimately for the rest of the site) - for You can now view it easily on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The current / old design doesn’t really work on phones or tablets.

It is a big improvement. The old site looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1997.

I don’t like the theme, it looks a bit bland. There are some great themes available. The best can be found at Shape 5 and Rocket Theme. They’re top notch and not too expensive. You can join and use the themes forever, no real need to continue a sub though updates are a good thing.

Sorry, it’s just my way. I look at the high and the low at the same time via looking at the entirety as one.

There is something that I didn’t like. The pop up window. I find them infuriating. It seems every time I want to go to a website some little pop up comes up wanting me to get waaaaaaay more involved than I want to be.
I think that if people want emails they will sign up if the request for notifications is easy enough to find… also will this pop up every time I get on the page? I already don’t like that.
I also think it would scare people away, make it look like it was for long term szs not somewhere where they could come and get help if they needed it for a family member. I really like that people get on here only once, get their question answered and move on. I feel like I have contributed and that they don’t need the support any more… like we were there for their crisis and now they are ok.
Sorry that that sounded so harsh. I reread it a couple of times but I can’t think of any other way to put it. I love the new layout though. Makes the site look much more “with it” not like the gov’t healthcare site. All of the articles on there seem to be from the 80’s.
I don’t like the popup at all, but I really like the rest and appreciate the update!

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i loved the fact that you are featuring the old forum archives on there now just in case people wanted to look back on old threads someone wrote in the past,

i also like the top 10 posts and most likes, most comments features at the top,

a twitter feed is a great idea but idk why you would need two, i thought maybe a blog feed would be a good idea but thats just me and i suppose you could feature your blog on twitter and post there anyway.

the pictures and articles will be changing through time won’t they? its just that it is hard to read huge columns all at once and it doesnt really work reading a bit and then coming back to read more, i find that if you put breaks in the sentences that it is a lot more easily read, but that is just my opinion.

i was wondering if we would be getting on to this forum from that page as well?

Great feedback - thanks. Yes - only one twitter feed - I’m playing around with the positioning.

Yes - photos and articles will be frequently updated and changing. Good feedback on hard to read issues.

Yes - we have forum links already from the page (see under discussions) - and we’ll of course keep that.

Yes - thats about right - I don’t think we have updated in a long time. The current design is terrible - we desperately need an update.

THanks for the feedback. Will check out those themes. Lots of things to consider - need something that works well with smartphones and tablets, and is fast to load on all platforms. And looks good. I don’t mind if its a little bland - the focus is really to be on the content and the discussions forums for people. I don’t want something too flashy.

Ok let’s see if this works now

Twitter feed looks better at the top

I am posting this from my iPhone then I will see if I can edit it from my laptop

ok it has worked from my iphone 4s now and i am edited with my laptop x

Now I’m editing with iPhone looks good so far :blush: and I’m even getting the emoticons good job

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Then, will we be leaving our present forum? I don’t do change well (obviously) but once I learn the new way I am usually grateful. I don’t own a smartphone or other of the small technical devices. Can’t afford them. So that is not an issue with me.

Hi Chordy,

No - these forums are not going anywhere. I’m just changing my home page and the news blog / information pages of the site.

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I’m really happy to see the FAQ’s and other information updated and looking a little more streamlined.

I also like the fact that there is a NAMI link and other resources on there.

It’s certainly catches the eye. Very Sharp. I bet people will consider this a very valuable resource.

I was wondering though, if there was a an information link on housing co-housing, day hospitals and other long term treatments?

i am not tech savy but it looked simple and easy to use, and their were lots of pictures which helps me , to many words or just words confuse me completely…pictures help to soften the page/especially calming ones.
over and out from tech central.
take care

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