Your favorite shirt


you can hide your face or just take a picture of you favorite shirt without wearing it. I’m wearing my san diego(spelling) jersey that says rivers on the back.(Phillip Rivers NFL quarter back)

I can’t take a picture, but I can describe it.
It’s black, a little tight, and it has a big rainbow on it with a unicorn in the foreground, and a text that says “Trust me, I’m a unicorn”


I don’t have many shirts because I don’t have much clothes

But here’s one that happens to be hanging across the room from me


id have to choose between one of my 4 hawaiian shirts. they are nice and bright. i wear them on warm sunny days. my cousin makes fun of me for it. haha.


I like my hoodies

I mostly wear Jack&Jones tshirts even during snow under my Rudsak jacket. Something like this, they only differ by designs and colors but same style, I always wear summer tshirts even in snow -40C:

This is my snow jacket Rudsak, regular price 1200$CA, got it on sale for 600$CA+tx, it was a gift from my mother, here in Canada it can get as low as -44C so we need good jackets:


My favorite shirt is my Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie t-shirt.

I like it so much that I hardly wear it. :slight_smile:

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I have about 75 striped polo shirts love all of them :smirk:
Most came way cheap at thrift stores


You like nice Aziz

That’s not me in the picture :joy:

wait a minute, I’m confused now. Are serious about that picture not being you?

Probably my walmart Dr. Pepper shirt I got for $10. It’s xx large and it fits me well.


my Blurryface tee shirt

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I have a favorite all black shirt I like for out on the town but usually I have a regular t shirt on for around the house. I really do need to upgrade my wardrobe a little bit though.

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My favorite shirt would have to be either my Bad Brains shirt or my Fleetwood Mac shirt. Sorry no pics

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Yea I got the picture from Jack&Jhones website.
Its a mannequin. But I have that tshirt and other models same style.

oh, ok…15151515