Favorite piece of clothing you own

I bought this hat in Seattle for $35. It was hand painted. He told me I made a great choice. Now I wear it everywhere


It’s really nice. What kind of bird?

Me - my new black cargo pants. I graduated from grey.

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An old breeders long sleeve T-shirt.


Not sure…the red eyes makes me think it’s a fictional bird otherwise I’d say it’s one of those little brown birds you see everywhere. Thanks.

I dont know. Probably my new air max


Probably my watch. No surprise given my avatar.

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Nice! my second favorite is my boots

hold on lemme take a pic…even though they’re pretty dirty because i always wear them

green my fav color


I got a shirt from Walmart that has cats flying and a unicorn on it, oh and a rainbow too lol. :smiley:

Also my Led Zeppelin shirt.

Probably a tie between those two. Cool hat, take care.


Nice kicks! Those run around like 100 don’t they?

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I have a pair of brown leather combat boots that I love. Also a Triwa tortoiseshell watch. Also a long heavy knit sweater jacket. Also a backpack made of seatbelts. Can’t narrow it down to just one thing, but on the other hand, now you can spot me walking down the street.


A red eye - maybe it’s a hawk.

I’ve got pink eye at the moment but I ain’t no bird.

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My Pendleton shirt.

I have a couple of t-shirts that are my favorites. They are nothing fancy but I like the color.
In 1978 I was at my busboy job and I showed up for my night shift without the required clip-on bow tie. Or so I thought. The manager ( who I did not like) sent me home to go get my tie and then come back. as soon as I entered the kitchen. I don’t think she was too fond of me either. Once she came to work in a real nice, pure white blouse. She was showing me how to tap the red wine keg and I accidentally spilled a quart of red wine all over her fancy blouse. I didn’t feel too bad about it but I was embarrassed and I think after that incident, she had it in for me.

I was 17 at the time. When I got home I didn’t feel like driving all the way back to the restaraunt so I just stayed home and messed around watching TV or something. I didn’t really care about the job anyway and when she called me to see where I was I said, “I’m home” .She told me that not only was I fired but she told me I was banned from ever coming into the restaruant again, for any reason. i didn’t really care. And in the ultimate act of irony, when I took off my work shirt before going to bed that night I discovered that my bow tie had been in my shirt pocket the whole time.

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any sweatpants with pockets, really. Preferably pockets deep enough so my smartphone fits and doesn’t fall out

i have this really smart shirt i wear and it goes with anything really, and i also like my light jacket that looks pretty smart too.

My camouflage sweatpants that I wear on ugly days, but, haven’t been able to find them for awhile.

My old felt fedora. I have a lot of stories with that hat.


My ariat cowboy boots.