Your favorite meat

mine is lamb a sunday roast leg of lamb , whats your favorite meat

Salmon… Grew up in Salmon land… Love the salmon.

Probably boiled bacon or gammon.

lamb kabobs at the moment

I love chopped beef, like burgers

I grew up in salmon country also but id have to say prime rib.

But halibut is right there on top.

I eat meat primarily. Lamb is good. A good cut of beef is good. I’m a little sick of chicken and pork right now. Salmon is good but I do not live in Salmon country so it is REALLY expensive and I buy it rarely. A tri-tip roast is an affordable piece of meat that I get often. I like sausage, but it’s a little fatty and expensive. Chicken is the cheapest meat around so that’s what I eat a lot of.

I love pork BBQ. pork chops, bacon…basically pork is my favorite…haha…

Tofu :slight_smile: . I’m a vegetarian.

likewise. I love pork.

Beef, shrimp, lamb, fish, chicken some pork bacon and sausege.

That about covers all of them, lol. I think you like meat!

My nieghbor gave me some deer chili and I kept telling him it made my lips feel like they were coated in fat. He said there was no fat in the meat. He says he also ate Bear meat, and Gator, maybe some frog legs and snake also.

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My favorite is Thai chicken sticks, you have to marinade them for like 12 hours. If anyone wants the recipe let me know and I will post it here.

@Dude1. Yeah, why didn’t I think of the other animals? Buffalo, Emu’s, horse, dog.
Granny used to whip up some good vittles with possum stew. It’s an inside joke.

Did you ever try garlic sauce on them? I go to some Arabic restaurants and they bring out chicken tawook on skewers and bring some garlic sauce for them, I cant stop eating them with the sauce.

I like a beef roast cooked in the rotisserie…yum :slight_smile:

@Dude1 yes they have grated garlic, fish sauce , cilantro, white pepper and a few other ingredients, but that’s most of the recipe.

I’m more of a vegetarian, but do like the taste of lamb and beef mince

I rarely eat meat, but I like chicken, sometimes my local store has a chicken day and the whole grilled chicken is quite cheap.