Young women used in love scam to trick elderly men out of €1 million

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That’s just awful!



I have mixed feelings about this.

My best friend had a sugar daddy all through school.

He basically paid her expenses for years.

He was an older guy.

I don’t agree with giving an old man drugs and robbing his house,

But if they give you money, that’s on them.

My friend had to put out all sorts of crazy sex with gross men for that money.

In my mind,

It’s just like paying a hooker way too much.

These men should have known better,

And also they were getting sex out of it.

I see the problem,

I just don’t think of the men as victims.


When I was younger I was good looking and could have been a sugar baby but I refused to do something like that. (I’m short though 5’2”. Do men like short women?)

The young women, old men theme tends to work in Hollywood but like @Charles_Foster said they should have known better. It is still wrong but stupid people should be treated like stupid people.


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