You would think.. Or I would think

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You would think with everyone on this site being mentally ill they’d be a little more… “liberal” or understanding.

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I concur. This site has some people who can afford to live without government assistance, so that might be why they don’t want higher taxes which I understand. I have more conservative friends in real life than liberal friends. All my liberal friends/family keep in touch through Facebook. Here I try to avoid political discussions. I agree with conservatives about some things, so I try to meet people in the middle.

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I’m very liberal on abortion.

It needs to be legal but everyone is disagreeing on why it should be legal.

It should be legal because we’re to dumb and crazy to just wear a condom.

I’ve seen abortions, that ■■■■ is horrible and it can screw up a woman’s body and it’s traumatizing as ■■■■ to the woman. With proper teaching to the young folks about how to handle sex and why to handle it a certain way we will see a huge drop in abortions because nobody ever chooses that ■■■■.

And if you are a dude and don’t want to wear a condom then just get the ■■■■ out and go rub one out you irresponsible freak. How dare you use her for your sexual grandisement because ooooohhhhhh it just feel soooooo good though, ■■■■ off.

I’m not pro abortion or anything but until the education happens people will continue to maim their own bodies with such things. It’s not hard, just wrap it up.

Why would females say it’s their right to choose abortion? You aren’t choosing abortion, you screwed up.

The deaf cons are way off though on this one in wanting to force the births after the deed is done.

This problem must be solved at the source of the issue, and that would be hard irresponsible monkey pounding. That’s at the core of the issue, it’s that drug again, that hard sweaty monkey pounding again. Like can’t a guy at least try and pull out or something every once in a while? This is really not that hard man.


I am also pretty liberal when it comes to abortions. But yeah, it needs to be stopped at the source.

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