Tha Meaningless Of Lyfe (((INSIDE!)))

SexXx Controls Tha Man ,


Monie Controls Tha Woman .

No amount of money could control me !

Dizzle Tha Scrizzle Yo Yo (!!!)

The boys like tha gurls like the money

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Eventually I’m gonna start t(y)pN l(y)ke you


Hey I love you @minii god damn coolest.

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:blush: :blush: :sunglasses:

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You have excelent taste in music I have to tell you that

Ah and you’re a good person all around.

Aw thanks :blush:

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Like a bandaid to all bad things you are.

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You’re awesome!!


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I’m drunk as ■■■■: many smiles though. You are my kind. Bottomless love for this psychotic port.

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I miss drinking, can’t anymore sucks. Someone offered me a bottle of wine, gave it to my mother she said it was delicious. Damn it

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Foooooh real (15 fharacters)

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I’m glad you’re a happy drunk lol

As always.

Ms psychosis.

Yeah this sucks but there’s gotta be a happy side to it

Hey when humanity burns I’ll be sifting through through the crowd.
“Matilda Matilda!” I’ll shout