You try and try you know

You try and make yourself delusional but they won’t let you.

So after attempting to brainwash myself for a long long time they did it again.

I look up at the tree and it’s made of their face, it’s just staring at me.

It’s one of them faces that tells you that real evil exists you know. The kind of face that says “i made you. I am a psychopath.” One of those faces you know. It’s one of them “i like to hurt things” kind of faces. You may have seen them faces before.

They just won’t let me not know. I try and try to not know and make myself delusional but they reach into my mind and show me these things.

Can’t believe these sick ■■■■■ made this thing. I can’t believe how bad they really are.

Well, guess ill seek some good ones and see if they can save me.

I don’t have multiple antagonists, just one. Sort of looks like Ted Bundy would look like if he were a child. It’s odd that they chose to present themselves as evil children. I suppose that gains the sympathy vote from me and why my brain stays open to their reconciliation & recovery from evil.

Fairly advanced to put that into the seed of a tree so that it forms a very detailed face made of the tree, shadow, and light.

But hole lee ■■■ was it “evil”.