You say bye, i say hello

I’m up had some caffeine and am now listening to music (rock n roll baby!). I sometimes wonder if I’m going to end up back on the streets just walking aimlessly around having to live the life once again of not having stable housing. Maybe in another dimension I’m a troll who lives under a bridge in the enchanted forest? I dunno

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I can stay until it’s time to go.


I can’t seem to get it out of my mind that I’m already dead. I suppose the second we were born is the second we began to die. Sorry if that sounds Debbie downer. I need to get out of the deep end and back into shallower waters.

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Well. Its technically true. We get closer to death every day. But that shouldnt keep us from living our best life.

I also woke up and had a red bull. Im about to have a cup of coffee

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My best life is one of non-joyful existence. I just woke back up on the couch from a frustrating dream where I couldn’t check someone out at a cash register. Damn I hate sleep!

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