You hear loud music outside, so you

  • call some authority
  • play your own music
  • go to the source of noise
  • dance with it
  • no action / don’t care
  • other actions

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I put on headphones and play my own music

I go to great lengths to avoid confrontation these days.

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that’s my golden rule, most of the time

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Loud music is still acceptable especially if it is song which I enjoy.

One of my neighbor here actually has his/her bell ringing as part of religious ritual-- which is worse than loud music.

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with my schizophrenia, I’ve become very sensitive to noise regardless of what it is.

that probably sucks a lot. I live next to a lot of people in an apartment building. but my neighbors usually have keys, so they rarely ring doorbells.

there’s a large church bell that rings a few songs every afternoon, and sometimes it does get a little annoying.

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my neighbors like to have their bass boom music play loudly when they pull up in their trucks at night and in the early morning…it’s just something we deal with. it never lasts too long but just long enough to wake us up temporarily. annoying but I would never call the authorities on my neighbors…we are friends.

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Walk up to the people playing it while scratching your belly and ask “can i have some money?”

When they say no you just go “okay” and walk away.