'You grow up hating yourself': why child abuse survivors keep – and break – their silence


But some posters will tell you “just get over it”

Everyone around me knew my dad was abusive as a kid, but back then calling the police or child services was rarely done.

I was never really silent about it, but I did foster tremendous anger and hated myself.
It wasn’t till I forgave him, that it all went away.

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I partially broke my silence about…15 years later.
Still keeping some thoughts to myself.

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I’ve heard of women in their 60s and 70s breaking the silence and reporting what happened decades before.
I often wondered whether abuse might have been a trigger for my mother’s drinking. She never said anything on that score.

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I’m sorry to hear about your mother. Child abuse is hard. So hard.
Almost all of my tactile hallucinations and delusions relate to my child abuse. It’s awful.

You never get over it.

Yes but it helped to vocalize it. When I vocalized it one poster told me “just get over it it was a long time ago”.

Not realizing how beneficial it is for me to talk about it at the very least. Now I will probably never talk about it again. Traumatized.

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