You are either for me or against me

you are either for me or against me


I’m for ya, baby!

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I don’t subscribe to all or nothing, black and white thinking. To me everything is grey. I subscribe to the ancient skeptics dictum - “Nothing is certain, not even that”.


whos on my side?

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Love this. Why i pray sometimes :blue_heart:

I’m totaly there for ya man

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i am here where r u

I was initially for you . But then you had to cry wolf about the lottery.

Shambles. :blush:


i think outside the box

I totally support u i would never be against people cause i dont lile bullies but i myse
f am set up ways to protect myself from others so o dont get hurt i do have paranoid schizophrenia

as long as you are not a ’ jedi '…i have no problem :wink:
take care :alien: