Only his dark side

never going through time with out a useless thought feeding my suffering as if i committed a devastating crime.
he uses all my weaknesses to cherish in secrecy
comforts me with tongues and deceitful predisesorys
im ill to his degree
but im a mother he can not take that from me
ive been victum to my own expense so he has me seeing that way
tormented was never words i could use again
to cry tears of empty promises and fake love
but through it all i did what worked
fall to him still remains a fear
he begs of me to get my mind clear
sulvating at every suffering moment when i shed a thousand tears
he will remain the same but god can not allow
me to be moved
no matter the factual mindful scatter
choice to work with what god gave me
live with people that will not beilieve
his son came to save me
.i hate my guy voice but for dismissing the words that gave me a comforting feeling. ill love my enemies because good is good, rest be on my purest thoughts, i may be high, but while doing so i got to know this guy and his third eye
im hopeful for my future
for my kids
not wishing for a life i could of had,
that was yesterday
im schizophrenic and its unfortunate that the best of me
is shared with ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ ive come connected with in intimacy. the guy and i living by his dark side
i can choose to see him from all and in any form of living thing that behold beauty n truth in thier eye
that is promising to my hopeful answer, if i dare ask why
he is what i make him out to be
so i live infinitly
im not ok
but im giving this time and will ask for another to for me to pray.
ive got something i cant keep and i need give it away. ty